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Our services include a reliable professional dog exercise/walk service. Pet transport is provided in a professionally fitted dog vehicle.We also offer home visits for any animal. We exercise your pet whatever the weather and give them the love and companionship they need while you cannot be there. If you have any other requirements please ask!





Dogs need Exercise and Stimulation and as much as I love walking with them I feel it is not always enough.

Although with some dogs a walk would be sufficient if it is elderly / injured or poorly!

Playing games and interacting with them is what I do & I believe this is a very important aspect to building a great relationship between myself and your dog. 

All exercise & walking will all be done on a private field so your dog can be off leash and get the exercise he/she requires.

If you feel your dog has aggressive issues or is nervous when mixing with other dogs but would still like for him/her to have a good old run then this is not a problem as I will exercise them on a 1-2 -1 basis so they get all the exercise/playtime they need off leash safely and securely.

Fresh water is always provided 

 60 to 90 minutes of exercise £13
Additional dog from household £9

Costs at 40 pence per mile outside Aylesbury


Half Day Care  £25 (approximately 4 hours).

Your dog will be collected from your home and will spend the day with me in my secure field socialising, playing and much more!

(If required individual dog training can be arranged).

They can experience the agility area, where they will have fun and build confidence on the equipment.

We have an exciting searching area where the dogs learn to seek out their favourite toy, going over and through different obstacles - a great mental stimulator for all types of breeds/any age of dog. They will then be returned to your house for a well earned rest.

Longer hours can be arranged 

please contact me

(This service includes collection, drop off and feeding)



£50 to £80

I will teach your dog to behave in the correct manner.  If your dog is dog reactive/fearful or you can not take them to certain places, such as your local shops/town/park/crowded busy places, then this service is for you.




I can help prevent certain issues in your puppy by slowly introducing them to different environments in the correct manner so that they will not develop nervousness or fear, which could lead to aggression.

I will collect your dog, work with them for 3 hours (with rest periods interspersed) on a variety of different training needs and then return them to your house.

For more information please contact me by telephone or email.


I also provide a transportation service for your pet, from vet appointments to any other service that you may require. All transport is in an air conditioned specially designed vehicle and I can travel to any location in the UK


Please contact me for price



Please contact me for more information  or call me on 07789345538

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